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Wednesday, June 6, 2018
5:00PM – 7:00PM EST

Location: Capital Quarter Community Center, 1000 5th St. SE Washington DC (Between I and K St, SE)

Hosted By: Commission Chair Meredith Fascett, ANC 6D/SMD6D07

Construction/Contractor Employment & Training Positions 

– Bridge Constructor (Laborer)

– Bridge Carpenter

– Cement Mason

– Equipment Maintenance Technician

– Equipment Operator

– Foreman Trainee – Bridge Construction

– Foreman Trainee – Roadway/Utility (Pipe)

– Ironworker Structural/Steel Erector (Rebar)

– Landscape Worker

– Pile Driver

– Pipe Layer

– Power Tool Operator

– Superintendent Trainee (Roadway)

– Traffic Control (Flaggers)

– Traffic Control Coordinator

– (Maintenance of Traffic Inspector)

– Truck Driver Heavy Duty –CDL

– Truck Driver Multi-Rear Axle – CDL

– Truck Driver – Single Rear Axle – CDL

– Welder

(High School Diploma, GED Required)

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